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Also known as bathtub reglazing or bathtub resurfacing, is a process that involves restoring the surface of a worn, damaged, or outdated bathtub to make it look and function like new.

This is done by applying a fresh finish or coating to the existing bathtub rather than completely replacing it. Here are the typical steps involved in the bathtub refinishing process:

  1. Cleaning and Stripping: The first step is to clean the bathtub thoroughly to remove any soap scum, dirt, or grime. Then, the old finish or glaze is stripped off to prepare the surface for refinishing.

  2. Repairing Damages: Any cracks, rust, holes, chips, or dents in the bathtub are repaired. This may involve patching or filling these imperfections.

  3. Etching: The bathtub surface is usually etched or roughened to help the new finish adhere properly.

  4. Primer: A special high quality bonding primer is applied to the bathtub to ensure good adhesion of the new top-coating.

  5. Coating: A new finish, a high-quality top-coating (the most durable in the market), is sprayed onto the bathtub surface. This coating can come in various colors and finishes to suit the homeowner's preference.

  6. Curing: The coating is allowed to dry and cure for just 24 hours, YES you can enjoy and relax a free-stress bath next day.

bathtub refinishing
bathtub refinishing tile refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is a cost-effective alternative to bathtub replacement, as it can save homeowners money and time. It's important to note that the quality of the refinishing job largely depends on the skills of the technician, the quality of the materials used, and the condition of the original bathtub. At GoPro Tub Refinishing we have the most trained and certified technicians and we use the most technology advanced top-coatings, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We will extend the life of your existing bathtub and give it a fresh, updated look in just ONE DAY.

10 years warranty bathtub reglaze
26 years experience tub refinishing


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